Bronx woman gets prison term for altercation aboard plane

Arizona (AP) — According to federal prosecutors, a New York lady was given a four-month jail term for interfering with crew members on an aircraft that had to be diverted to Phoenix last year while on route from Dallas to Los Angeles.

Bronx woman gets prison

On February 24, 2021, the jet landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and it was reported that Kelly Pichardo and another first-class passenger displayed aggressive conduct during the journey. Both ladies had to be removed off the aircraft.

The ladies allegedly shouted racist insults when a male passenger requested them to stop after they each assaulted a passenger throughout the trip, according to the authorities.

When the man attempted to take a video of the confrontation, Pichardo reportedly spit at him.

The FBI and Phoenix police looked into the situation, and the two ladies were charged with disorderly conduct after verbally and physically abusing passengers and flight attendants.

According to the prosecution, Pichardo, a 32-year-old Bronx resident, was sentenced to pay American Airlines roughly $9,200 in reparation as a consequence of the dispute.

After completing her prison term, Pichardo will reportedly undergo three years of supervised release.

The incident’s other female passenger has admitted responsibility and will get a sentence in November.

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