Serena Williams loses in 3rd round at US Open in likely last match

The New York Serena Williams, never one to go quietly, refused to let this match, her trip to the US Open, or her transcendent career come to an end.
Serena Williams
Williams sought to create one more great comeback and achieve one last vintage triumph with spectators on their feet in a packed Arthur Ashe Stadium and smartphone cameras poised, right down to what were, barring a change of heart, the closing minutes of her quarter-century of excellence on the tennis court.
The 23-time Grand Slam champion saved five match points to extend the three-plus hours of play.
But she was unable to save any more, and she was defeated in the third round of the U.S. Open.
After one last shot of hers found the back of the net, Williams remarked, “It’s been the most unbelievable trip and adventure I’ve ever been on in my life. 
I’m very appreciative of everyone who has ever urged Serena on in their lifetime.
She announced recently that she is ready to begin “evolving” away from her playing days and that she dislikes the word “retirement.
Although she purposefully avoided saying whether this appearance at Flushing Meadows would be her final performance, everyone assumed it would be. She will turn 41 this month.
During a courtside interview, Williams was asked if she had second thoughts about leaving, to which she replied, “I don’t think so, but you never know.” 

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