Bray Wyatt and his inventiveness get nothing but praise from Brush StrokeTriple H. Raul V. Krishnan

In an interview with BT Sports' Ariel Helwani, Triple H discussed former WWE and Universal champion Bray Wyatt.

He claimed that Bray is one of the craziest, most creative guys he has ever met, and that his mind is always occupied with innovative ideas.

His mind simply never stops coming up with fresh ideas, but without the harness and without someone to direct the tornado it's just all over the place

The third-generation superstar and The King of Kings enjoyed their time together at NXT, according to The King of Kings.

The WWE fired Bray Wyatt in July 2021, despite the fact that he was one of the roster's most "OVER" performers. 

Some even said that Vince McMahon detested Bray Wyatt and didn't want to see him succeed.

Wyatt has been a free agent for more than a year now since leaving WWE, and up to this point, he has not participated in or worked for any other organisation.

Fans have been extensively speculating and dream booking a potential comeback for the former head of the Wyatt family ever since Triple H took over as the creative director. Embedded Dot

On the other hand, Bray has been tease followers on Twitter with a number of cryptic tweets while remaining silent on his exit from the WWE. Embedded Dot