After they staged a walkout during a Monday night Raw programme, fans sincerely hope that things go smoothly between Sasha Banks, Naomi, and WWE.

The business has suspended both WWE superstars and stripped them of their women's tag team titles ever since that event.

After Sasha and Naomi left, WWE announced that they were displeased in their actions and had taken down any references to them. Brush Stroke

Sasha Banks recently shared some photographs from her Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) procedure at Newsom Eye on her Instagram account.

A video with the caption "We are happy that another #WWE celebrity blessed us with their visit and is now seeing clearly with her #NewsomEyes" was released on the Newsom Eye's official page.

Sasha has also altered the way she looks since her last WWE appearance. Previously, she had blue hair, but now it is brown.

Sasha and Naomi's contracts have not yet been terminated by the firm, but there has also been no communication with them.

WWE may be compelled to bring them back because there aren't many women's tag teams, and fans will be hoping for this.