Nick Kyrgios's surprising victory over Daniil Medvedev causes him to focus less on the main prize.

After a surprising victory over the defending champion Daniil Medvedev, Nick Kyrgios has his sights set on the big prize.

The Australian's desire for further success on the big stage was whetted by reaching the Wimbledon final, and he put up an outstanding performance.

In New York City 12 months ago, Medvedev upset Novak Djokovic to earn his first grand slam trophy, although he was vanquished by the superior player.

Kyrgios has talked extensively about the power of his squad and his desire to make the months spent outside of Australia successful.

I've been in some extremely dangerous circumstances and psychologically challenging ones, the 27-year-old stated.

On paper, it's clear that I probably wasn't predicted to win that. Possibly take one or two sets, if I'm lucky. Show the populace something

A fantastic victory. However, as I leave the court, I almost feel grateful that it is done since there is always so much pressure.